About the Alliance

Here is just a quick bit on what’s going down. The Knights of Alliance is a major organization in the gaming industry, competing for glory and honor. We have been around through the 2000s and now making a resurgence in the modern gaming era. Some of the reasons we have made it so far competitively across a number of gaming platforms is due to superior leadership and application process which the Knights have established.

  • Our guild leaders and recruiters are typically older in age – ranging from mid to late 20s or older.
  • Their experience and maturity helps to contain and shape a motivated and team-like atmosphere where real progress can be made.
  • We train. Like any other team or sport where players compete, players must constantly be honing their skills and working together to achieve higher goals.
  • Multiple gaming platforms inspire creative thoughts and strategies to be used across other genres and games.
  • We have reached ultra high performance on realms and servers where we need to be on top of our game in order to remain on top.

While we use to cover over a dozen competitive titles – many have come and gone. The same has happened with many of our skilled Knights. Those true still remain and we hope to make a serious comeback in the competitive gaming world – but we had lost some notable members whom contributed greatly to the Knight’s Alliance back in its prime.

One notable member – Skiva – has hung up the sword and now owns his own lawn service company (Clifton Park Lawn Service) – which I need to give respect to on behalf of his contributions over the many years with the Knights.

We are now focused on the most competitive online games of this generation which include some recognizable titles as well as a new addition.

Three particular titles have been proven over the test of time to last and have behind them a massive community of highly competitive gameplay and guilds.

They are: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and the newly released Blizzard title: Heroes of the Storm.

World of Warcraft

A major powerhouse in the MMO world which has been conquering all other competitors since it’s first release. This game is truly the golden standard for competitive individuals as well as guilds. WoW is world recognized and has grown into such a massive industry not only for Blizzard but for countless side endeavors such as gold farmers, power leveling services and guides, youtubers, strategy organizations, websites, and blogs – all dedicated to one game which has claimed the wallets of millions.

It’s no wonder why WoW has achieved such glory and followers. It has constantly revised and patched itself – offering new expansions and a responsive community which has accomplished feats untouched in the gaming industry.

How can it still remain number 1 for so long – after a decade of MMO dominance?

Well… here is how:

Blizzard surely knows what they are doing – offering the very best and up to date in not only marketing… but the gameplay and excitement barreling behind it.

We owe it to our Alliance to address and reward this brilliant game with our very best in strategy, advice, and coverage of this company’s epic title.


League of Legends

Taking one of gaming’s greatest gifts – DoTA – and running with it.

League has become an iconic game in the world of gamers. It has achieved world wide attention and due to its competitive nature, has inspired teams of 5 from across the globe in competition for the world titles.

league worlds 2014

League of Legends is great due for two main reason: Simplicity and Depth. LoL allows new players to jump right in and enjoy the rich splash art and textures as well as some very clean interface. What is better is how complex the game can become when in the hands of a professional gamer. Although you are only allowed 4 abilities to use, 1 passive, and 2 summoner spells… you’d be shocked on just how involved and intricate each character and team composition is capable of.

This game has created its own massive community around the title and has been a dominate force in the strategy game genre.

What we love most about LoL is how competitive and trying this game is. The Knight’s Alliance relish in such stiff competition and fight to advance as a serious contender in a world wide playing field.

With constant changes to the game and patch updates, we are always aiming to keep up on the latest meta and take into consideration views and input from everyone in the League community. We are here to help you fight your way out of bronze and into a competitive league of your own!


Heroes of the Storm

Heroes Main

Although some feel it to be in the shadow of a world dominate dota style game – League of Legends – it is far from it.

Heroes has taken a different approach to the wildly popular LoL and has had the time to listen to frustrations from the League community and how to improve on it. Blizzard saw an opportunity to offer a brand new take on the dota style and create an amazing title of their own to compete for a slice of the pie.

Our consensus…

Bring it on.

Heroes offers some incredibly new and exciting challenges for a few key reasons. Check out our latest blog post which dives into this game more in depth.

With the power of a company who has produced such amazing titles such as Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, and WoW… it is no surprise that their time and energy spent into this title will yield nothing less than a competitive and aggressive environment for teams to fight over to the top.

Heroes is rapidly evolving as it needs to keep up with the stiff competition from League of Legends as well as feedback from its growing community of its own. It stands to distinguish itself from other dota style games and is doing a damn good job.

The beta has proved enough interest in the title and we are surely interested to see where this game evolves, as well as new additions of more heroes, abilities, skins, and of course new metas!

We accept the challenge and look forward to seeing the growth and advancements of this new dota style title.


We combat across many platforms but the ones I personally am most excited about are these big three.

With world wide attention to these gaming platforms – we are excited to offer up the best up-to-date information on many elements in the competitive gaming world – targeting specifically the three power house titles today.

Our blog will touch on many elements of League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and World of Warcraft. We want to keep our readers informed on latest and greatest in gaming tips and news for these titles including:

  • Latest patch notes and their impacts on the game and what it means for you.
  • Up to date “best strategies” to help you succeed and demolish the competition at all levels of gameplay.
  • Effective resources and tips to run an effective and productive guild.
  • News updates on top tier gamers, teams, and organizations fighting to be the best in all the top game titles.
  • Hardware and components you should be running on your rig and why. (my friends over at www.albanyaudiovideo.org hooked me up with great advice as well as made my internet connection spot on)
  • Game breakdowns and case studies to learn more specific strategies and best practices across all three titles.

Get excited as the Knights of Alliance show you what it takes to compete and succeed at the highest level of gaming potential.

-I am Greg (Sir Greg), one of the Knight’s Elite. I’m proud to offer up my expertise and skills to help more advance in an ever changing world of competitive gaming. If you must reach me, go here. Strength and Honor (S+H)